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Niti Aayog Praises Land Pooling Method for AP capital....

The voluntary ‘land pooling’ method adopted by the Andhra Pradesh government for development of the state’s new capital Amaravati has been praised by the NITI Aayog, which said it is a “model to the nation” in land acquisition. In its report “State Forward-Best Practices from our States”, the Aayog noted that land pooling is “one […]

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Delay in Land Pooling Policy Echoes in Parliament..

The land pooling policy has again become the talk of the town. After the HC (High Court) verdict where administrative powers were rightfully held with the LG (Lieutenant Governor) of Delhi, various development has begun to fast track the implementation of land pooling policy. The opposition has already made it clear that the delay of […]

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The Arrival of LPP is Now Only an ...

Delhi Government has made its intention crystal clear that they are very much in support of Land Pooling Policy (LPP) in their latest mass-interaction on the internet through #TalkToAK. In Talk To AK, Delhi CM, Mr. Kejriwal addressed various issues through a live video conference taking calls from all over India. He made people assure […]

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