Master Plan Delhi 2021, Bringing the New Wave of Urban Expansion in Delhi

Umbrella term for all the urban development taking place in Delhi for future is Master Plan Delhi 2021. Land Poling Policy is an integral part of the MPD 2021 that envisages the urban expansion of Delhi in the designated zones of L, M, N, O and P. L Zone is the largest land area approximately of 22,000 hectares in Delhi under the Master Plan 2021, where, government aims to develop around 1.5 million homes in order to have a solution to urban chaos in Delhi.

Land Pooling Policy is the core to this urban expansion where DDA, the urban planning agency of the Delhi has authorized private planners and the registered societies to participate with it to develop urban areas in the designated Zones under MPD 2021.

Land Pooling Policy

The new urban landscape envisaged to be developed in L zone of Dwarka is a major initiative taken in the field of urban housing by DDA through new Land Pooling Policy in Delhi. It is a most unique step taken by the authority under the Master Plan Delhi 2021 to realize the dream of ‘Smart City’ goal in a timely manner around Delhi under Land Pooling Policy, Delhi.

Public Private Partnership

Master Plan Delhi 2021, the pivotal pedestal and precursor of new urban development policy of India is largely driven and is based upon Public Private Partnership to develop five Smart Cities around Delhi is largely based upon reform in land acquisition policy of the government also known to be as a new Land Pooling Policy.

DDA Roles In Delhi

As a policy facilitator DDA’s roles in Delhi Master Plan 2021 are of varying uses and nature ranging from observing procurement of land to handling over it to CGHS (Cooperative Group Housing Societies) and private builders.