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Delhi Heights Multi State CGHS Ltd. ( reg. number MSCS/CR/1095/2014) is planning to develop two Housing Schemes(projects) one in Delhi and other in Uttar Pradesh. Already project is identified and detailed terms have been worked out. Now membership is open at concessional rate. Allotment will be confirmed to eligible categories on first-come-first-serve basis. Delhi land pooling policy and affordable housing policy in Uttar Pradesh has given great opportunity for investment and having own flat at affordable price.

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MPD 2021

In the Master Plan 2021, Govt. / DDA has defined its role as only a facilitator to speed up integrated planned development. DDA proposes that while internal development of the project is taken care of by the private developer, DDA shall be responsible for external development in a time bound manner. This is the first time that the DDA has invited the private sector to partner its efforts in this revolutionary manner.

Land Pooling Policy

“Land parcels owned by individuals or group of owners is legally consolidated by transfer of ownership right to the designated Land Pooling Agency, which later transfers the ownership of the same parcel of land, back to the owners for undertaking development for such areas”
Notfied by MoUD (S.O. 2687 (E)) dated: 05/09/2013
Regulations (for smooth implementation) approved by Authority on 07/11/2014

Royal Homes

Under the Master Plan 2021, the participation of the private sector will ensure affordable, world class living for everyone. The Stakeholders will enjoy benefits of the land pooling policy with issues like approvals, farmers, compensation, forced acquisition,license raaj etc. getting resolved with greater speed.With the implementation of Master Plan 2021, Delhi is destined to become one of the leading capitals of the world.