Demonstration to apprise delhi govt central govt on necessity of fast implementation land pooling policy

Demonstration to Apprise Delhi Govt Central Govt on Necessity of Fast Implementation Land Pooling Policy

The conflict between Delhi Govt. and Central Govt. is taking a toll on development of Delhi, and has virtually stalled MPD 2021, due to lack of consensus on Land Pooling Policy(LPP). The new policy is expected to release about 40,000 acres of new land in Delhi leading to development of about 25 lacs affordable houses .The addition of this huge new supply will put a check on the property prices in Delhi and surrounding region such as Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad over medium term. imgpsh_fullsize


Current property prices in Delhi is out of middle class home seekers budget, who wish to buy a house in Delhi, but their honestly earned lifelong savings are insufficient to match prevailing astronomical apartments cost. This unpleasant situation is forcing them to settle down in far-away NCR towns. Delhi has always welcomed people from outside and the best examples are over a lots of Delhi government MLA’s along with the Chief Minister. This policy is seen as a saviour of fledging infrastructure of nation’s capital, where hundreds of unauthorised colonies and slums are mushrooming every year, which in turn puts safety, security, health and life of people at risk. Recent outbreak of vector borne diseases like dengue and chikungunya can be partially attributed to it. This policy is extensively used globally and has a history of providing inclusive growth. Mumbai and Gujarat have extensively used this policy, and their current urban clout is a testimony to policy’s success